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Six Ways Transcreation Differs from Translation

In the world of language and communication, precision matters. When it comes to crossing linguistic boundaries, two methods stand out: translation and transcreation. While they both involve transforming content from one language to another, they serve distinct purposes and carry unique nuances. How can we tell the difference between a translator and a transcreator? Do […]

Best localization agency in middle east

Foreign businesses expanding to the Middle East for the first time shall embark on a journey of content localization that entails not only translating to the target Arab audience but doing that in a way that’s familiar to them. Despite living in a globalized world, businesses certainly recognize the importance of localizing to a specific […]

Medical Terminology Translation – challenges of translating medical terms

Before our now globalized world, there had been a time when nations were isolated. One nation could at a certain age have figured out cures for diseases and written those down in books, while another nation would’ve never been able to comprehend this knowledge, and therefore remain behind. Translation changed all of that.  Now, no […]

How Do You Create a Translation Services RFP

When a business is growing bigger, its need for linguistic services increases; the hunt for the best language service provider begins, and it turns out that there are plenty of great language service providers (LSPs) they can pick from. The next question is…how to decide on the best language service provider (LSP) for this business? […]

Cognitive Debriefing in Linguistic Validation

When researchers are working on a new study, experiment, medicine…etc their work is never theoretical. It depends on the people this study is concerned with. Let’s say there is a new medication for ADHD, the team of researchers has written down a questionnaire and given it to linguists to translate, but how can they be […]

How Translators Use Context for Accurate Translations?

The word ‘context’ constitutes every aspect of our lives. Imagine how people could carry on daily conversations at work, at home, or through text without a shared and established context that they are aware of. Communication could simply go into complete chaos. The same way context is established in casual conversations is also carried through […]

Social Media Translation: How to Translate your Content for Social Networks

Social media is a valuable way for brands and businesses to market themselves and get acknowledged by billions of people worldwide. Being the number one medium that connects brands with their potential consumers, social media language and register need to appeal to different audiences. Now an international brand that exists in countries like the USA, […]

Choosing а Translation Services Vendor: In-House, Freelance, or Outsource?

Choosing а Translation Services Vendor: In-House, Freelance, or Outsource?

Translation has been around for dozens of centuries. Have you ever heard of the Rosetta Stone discovered in Egypt? It has featured three languages all engraved on the same cut of the stone, Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs, Demotic script, and Ancient Greek. Even before that, medieval civilizations were accustomed to translation, especially of important texts like […]

Advantages and Disadvantages of Globalization

Advantages and Disadvantages of Globalization

Global means universal. Something that’s global means that it has reached almost all countries and regions of the world, making itself accessible to hundreds of different languages, customs, and systems of values. You can think of Apple iPhones which people in all countries use without exception, or accessible streaming services like Netflix that became the […]

digital marketing localization benifits

As consumers, we receive the end result of marketing localization done by brands.  On a daily basis, either while scrolling through social media, purchasing from websites, running an errand at the local store, or watching TV, international brands that have thousands of branches worldwide communicate with us in a special way. This special way is […]

Internationalization vs. localization

So far in your localization research journey, you have come across terms like internationalization, and localization, and noticed that both of them seem to have things in common, that some resources use them interchangeably.    Although this might be confusing, it’s true that both terms enjoy things in common, yet also differ in their processes […]

What is transcreation?

In the ever-expanding landscape of global marketing, transcreation stands as an important tool for businesses that goes far beyond translation.  Transcreation is used to transfer not only the meaning but also the emotion and essence of the brand, in doing so it uses different words, and looks for cultural differences. It is about crafting content […]

Localization glossary

Localization is becoming an increasingly on-demand and sophisticated process of translation. It is used by businesses on their e-commerce websites, multilingual applications, and many other mediums.  As a natural result of the development of localization, dozens of terminologies are constantly added to it.  In this article, we’re providing a comprehensive list (glossary or a handbook) […]

What is internationalization

We have previously covered the topic of software internationalization and found out how it’s closely linked to the success or failure of businesses. Today we’ll dwell more on internationalization as a broader concept. Internationalization is an interdisciplinary topic when it comes to translation because it deals with fields like marketing, advertising, UI and UX design, […]

How to choose the right Language Service Provider

Whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise, there is always so much content to be brainstormed, written, translated, and localized. That varies from website content to social media copies, app content, case studies, reports, and all things in between.  One question businesses face at some point when content starts accumulating is, who could […]

What is Software internationalization and what to consider

In the context of translation, the words internationalization, and globalization are sometimes used interchangeably to refer to similar concepts all go under the umbrella of localization. But in reality, there is a significant difference between each one either in methodology or purposes.   We’ve so far covered what localization is and tackled topics like website […]

Translation costs: rates per word

Whenever you are on the hunt for a translator, the first thing that comes to mind is the cost of the translation service. Calculations of translation cost could be confusing, because sometimes it is quoted per word, per page, or line…etc.   Before making a decision, it is important to understand the factors agencies have […]

What is back translation

You can think of translation as a one-way process that simply involves rendering a text from one language into another. However, there is more to this process that makes it go both ways! How so? In this article, we’ll explore the interesting process of back translation or ‘reverse translation’ that involves hiring a translator who […]

Translating subtitles: Everything you need to know

We are flooded with tons of video content all day long, from social media videos, and TV shows, to online streaming platforms. The world of media is globalized to the point of no return. In this article, we’ll delve into one of the most irreplaceable types of translation now that allows people worldwide to explore […]

Financial translations: Your full guide

We’ve talked previously about the types of translation and mentioned that specialized translation is a wide field that includes financial translation. In this article, we’ll dive deep into the field of financial translation. Follow along to learn more about what is financial translation, its challenges, types, and tips for improving it.   What is financial […]

What Is Translation management system

For businesses and enterprises, translation and localization projects can get overwhelming with documents, team members, and project managers are all over the place working on excel and spreadsheets. Translation management systems (TMS) steps in to manage translation projects, and keeping everyone on the same page in one comprehensive system. Read below to get the full […]

Translation Memory

Translation software began in the 20th century, and it has been evolving ever since. You might have heard of the famous CAT tools, and their groundbreaking feature ‘Translation Memory’ but don’t quite understand the concept behind it. Make sure to stick around because we have gathered all the most recurrent questions about translation memories (TMs) […]

What Is Translation

We’ve previously talked about the types of translation, but in this article we’ll take one step back and introduce translation as a discipline, taking a look at its techniques, and history.    What Is Translation? Translation refers to converting the meaning of ANY kind of text from one language into another. The original text is […]

What is CAT Tools

Every translator now needs productivity tools to aid them. One of the earliest examples of such tools is the so-called “computer-assisted-translations” acronymed “CAT tools”. In this article, we’ll dwell more on their definitions, types, and usage.    What are CAT Tools? A computer-aided translation or computer-assisted translation tool is a software that has been present […]