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Professional Arabic E-learning Translation

You can now share your knowledge with the world, with the help of our expert Arabic E-learning and education translation and localization services.

Fast Trans is one of the top education translation services in the Middle East which offers Arabic E-learning and education translations of all online learning tools and course materials as well as educational resources.

Expert Arabic E-learning translation team for E-Learning and Education materials

In today’s globalized society, cross-cultural communication is crucial in practically every aspect including E-learning and education.

At Fast Trans, we have a strong track of translating online courses thanks to a staff of skilled translators and project managers who have a thorough understanding of the most cutting-edge learning technologies.

Arabic E-learning Translation Services

What is Arabic E-learning translation?

Arabic E-learning and education translation is the conversion of educational materials and learning resources from their source language into Arabic. These educational materials include teaching resources, testing materials, academic records, course descriptions, class timetables, and more.

Why is Arabic E-Learning Translation important?

People may now learn at their own pace and from anywhere thanks to E-Learning, which has emerged as one of the main educational approaches.

Arabic E-learning Translation and localization services became crucial after observing how people learn more effectively and more quickly in their native language utilizing culturally relevant material. Here are some of the reasons why Arabic E-learning translation is inevitable nowadays.

1. Recent expansion of online learning

It's not surprising that E-learning, often known as online learning, has expanded over the past few years. After all, it is a logical step toward conventional learning and education. High-quality Arabic elearning content localization service is crucial as it prevents students from being limited by their native language.

2. E-learning translation Breieks Language barriers can hinder education

Language can easily become a barrier for students who do not speak English natively or for those who do not speak English as their first language. To prepare these students for success, it is crucial to provide the appropriate learning localization process.

3. It is a key to educational success

For successful E-learning, both teachers and students must comprehend what is being taught. Hence, translation's objective in E-learning and education is to guarantee that educators and students are efficiently communicating with one another, and that students can comprehend the ideas that teachers are explaining to them.

4.E-learning translation is crucial to access new markets

Arabic E-learning translation can also be useful for businesses and educational institutions looking to expand in the Middle East and reach a larger audience by translating E-Learning and educational resources into Arabic.

Why not just utilize Google to translate educational documents?

Although machine translation is simple to use, frequently free, and a lot of students already have access to it, machine translation is ineffective at providing students with the translation services they actually require; since these tools translate words for words, they can misinterpret idioms, complex phrases, and sentences.

Why choose Fast Trans Arabic E-learning translation?

For an ongoing project, our client enjoys a totally free trial for a related task to see a sample of the work.

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Free Trial For Ongoing Arabic Translation Projects

We can handle multiple file types including Flash, HTML, Java, XML, ASP, ASPX, PPT, EPS, etc.

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Support to Various File Formats

When translating E-learning materials, accuracy is crucial. Our translators take great care in all they do.

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Translation Accuracy

Professional certified linguists with a wealth of experience in their fields.

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Subject matter experts

To add consistency to any E-learning project, Fast Trans will produce linguistic assets including glossaries, style guidelines, and translation memory as part of our service.

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Translation consistency

The course material is thoroughly examined to determine its layout, organization, types of multimedia components, and file formats.

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Technical Assessment

To check the final course's accuracy, a native linguist uses it as a student on varied platforms, ensuring that all the material that has to be translated is appropriately synchronized.

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InContext testing

Our certified translation company provides a variety of payment methods and currencies.

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Various Payment Methods

We offer you additional services such as proofreading, designs, desktop publishing (DTP) services, and more.

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All-In-One Service

Worldwide Trusted Arabic Education Translation Services

Types of E-learning materials that we translate

Fast Trans provides professional Arabic E-learning and education translation service of all learning materials including:

  • Certificates 
  • Term papers
  • Academic Records
  • Teaching resources 
  • Education materials
  • Report Cards
  • Standard Email Communication Notices
  • Testing Materials
  • Brochures and Pamphlets
  • Student/Parent Forms
  • Legal Documents
  • Extracurricular Activities
  • Enrollment Information
  • Course Descriptions, and Class timetables
  • GPA and Transcript Request Forms
  • Lecture Materials
  • Community Notices and Bulletins
  • Financial Aid Information
  • Academic references
  • Academic publications

Arabic Translation into and from All Languages

How does the Arabic translation process work?

It Only Takes A Few Steps to Get Your Translation Done:

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Questions You May Ask:

Filling out our quotation form is the easiest approach to acquire an accurate estimate for your E-learning translation project. Once you submit it, we will provide you with a free consultation with no extra costs.

E-Learning localization is the way to go if you want to offer a training experience that is both relatable and specific without spending a fortune. Multicultural eCourses also expand your organization’s global reach and enhance your brand.

Knowledge of the source and target languages in addition to subject matter, experience is vital to ensure the best quality learning localization strategy.

No, since the cultural aspect or the context of speech is not taken into account by computer systems. In addition to this, colloquialisms or slang misinterpretations can make a large difference in translation. Therefore, the final translation produced by these tools is often incomplete or inaccurate, especially when attempting to describe more complex subject matter that you might encounter in an educational setting. 

No. We don’t share our clients’ data with others. We make our own translation models – not anyone’s project – and send them potential clients.
Yeah, sure. You can request a translation sample before starting the translation process.

Yes. All of our Arabic Translation are executed by Arabic professional translators, linguists, reviewers, and project managers to ensure the best quality ever.

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