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Medical translation is extremely accurate, requires familiarity with medical terms and the Latin language, and follows scientific writing rules. Fast-trans medical translation services are considered one of the most reliable Arabic medical translation companies, especially in the Middle East. For more reliability, we attach a medical translation certificate that witnesses the authenticity of the translation and its compliance with the original document.

Why translate your medical documents into Arabic?

Arabic medical translation is required in many cases. Whether you need to translate your medical reports before traveling to the Middle East,  translate your scientific research, or even translate your medical blog for an Arab audience, hiring a professional Arabic medical translation agency is inevitable to ensure the best quality of your project and avoid any misinterpretation.

Why choose us

Why should you choose Fast-trans for Arabic medical translation services?

The translation of scientific and medical materials is a challenging field with numerous obstacles that we have conquered through experience. Here are some Fast-trans options for flawless medical translations:

Arabic Localization issues

One of the most difficult tasks for an Arabic medical translator is to adapt the texts and documents to the demands of two different target audiences: patients, physicians, and other medical experts. A professional Arabic medical translator needs to employ various terminology depending on the intended audience. For instance, the word "Varicella" refers to chicken pox. The medical translator would either use the word varicella for doctors or chicken pox for patients; this also applies to thousands of other medical terms.


Language and medical knowledge

A linguist working on an Arabic medical translation document must be equally proficient in the target language and medical terminology. Because there are so many specialized phrases used in medicine that cannot always be translated into various languages, translating medical papers and texts is extremely difficult. Only qualified specialists can carry out this kind of translation in a way that avoids errors, bias, and common knowledge that could ruin the translation.


Not all Arabic medical translation companies are certified

To guarantee that your translations are approved by the appropriate medical authorities, we attach a certification with the translation papers. We have both local certifications in the Arab nations and international certifications. In addition to that, our translators follow scientific writing methods and rely on the most important medical sources and dictionaries, which guarantees the correctness of the terminology.


Medical Translation Requires trained translators

Medical translators go through extensive, time- and money-consuming training. Even if they are native speakers of the target language and are familiar with its idioms and popular words, at Fast-trans our translators acquire proficiency in various medical translation fields and assign translators to specialized projects to ensure that each translator focuses on projects that directly align with their area of competence.

Most of Fast-trans translators are doctors!

Our translators are not only excellent in language; they have studied or worked in the medical field, therefore they are also familiar with the field. Fast-trans services keep keeping up with the ever-evolving field of medical translation, including the development of new diseases and epidemics with unique terminology and meanings, the yearly rise of thousands of types of medications that require translation, the range of audience that translation is made for—sometimes needing simplifying, sometimes further interpretation as well as the sensitive nature of the medical fields and the cost of translation errors.

What types of medical translation does fast-trans provide?

No matter what kind of Arabic medical translation your file requires—even if it's rare or difficult—Fast-trans has a variety of professionals with a broad spectrum of specializations that can handle all of the demands of the medical field translation. Here are some of the most significant types of medical translation:
ترجمة جميع أنواع التقارير والأشعة الطبية copy

document translation focuses on written files such as Clinical Trials Patient Education Materials Regulatory documents and Insurance Documents,

ترجمة الأجهزة الطبية copy

It includes laboratory medical reports related to the diagnosis of a disease, clinical research, and radiology.

ترجمة الأبحاث العلمية والمراجع copy

Localize your website content to the Arabic audience Medical website translation also involves adapting content to the language, culture, and target audience.

ترجمة الأدوية والمنتجات الصيدلانية copy

translate medicine names, ingredient lists, and internal brochures; this requires some knowledge of pharmaceutical markets in addition to basic Latin.

ترجمة بحث سريري copy

Translate scientific articles, journals, and other research materials into/ from Arabic.

الترجمة الطبية التسويقية copy

it is necessary for advertising campaigns, websites, and medical publications to reach Arabic audiences beyond cultural boundaries or any other targeted country.

Medical terminology management

Medical terminologies depend on more than one language like Latin. Medical terminology, including names of diseases and physical conditions, frequently has extremely specific meanings. When these phrases are mistranslated, it can result in an inaccurate diagnosis, risking the safety of patients or even killing them. So the medical translator must study the terminologies as a part of his job, at Fast-trans we have terminology quality management to ensure the correctness of everyone.

Fast-trans medical translation steps

Identify the project's medical needs

This step looks at the number of medical files that need to be translated, the category of medical translation to which they belong, and the request from the relevant translator to review them to create a plan for organizing the project's workflow, deciding on delivery dates, and selecting the best translation technique.

Medical terms translation

After creating the initial translation plan, the translators check terminology dictionaries to correctly translate the medical terms in the files that need to be translated.

The translation phase

Following the identification of the main headings and assigning the project to the responsible translators. The translation process is executed carefully to ensure the coherence of ideas. At this point, it is considered to keep the document format in a way that is appropriate for the client.

The evaluation

At fast-trans, your medical files go through two different kinds of reviews: a linguistic review that includes the translation itself, and a medical review that verifies the accuracy of the data and terminology used.

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Questions You May Ask:

No. We don’t share our clients’ data with others. We make our own translation models – not anyone’s project – and send them potential clients.
Yeah, sure. You can request a translation sample before starting the translation process.

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Yes. Fast Trans offers a 24/7 translation service and same-day translation service for urgent translation documents.

By default, we work hard to finish every project as rapidly as we can while maintaining the highest level of translation quality. Please let us know if you have a target finish date, and we’ll do everything we can to assist you without any additional fees. 

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