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Certified Arabic legal translation services in all languages

Fast-trans is an Arabic legal translation company. We are one of the world’s leading lawsuit translation firms. We provide you with the best legal translation service online in worldwide languages.

Although legal translation is typically one of the most challenging types of translation, fast-trans has developed a method based on extensive and varied experience to make it easier and more accurate. This is applicable despite the wide range of subtypes covered by legal translation, the sensitive nature of the material that needs to be translated, and additional challenges.

Certified translation of all legal documents and texts

For people and businesses seeking professional legal and political translation services, especially to and from Arabic, Fast-trans translated documents come along with an affidavit certificate showing the company’s seal, confirming the translation’s legality and accuracy. 

The steps of Arabic Legal translation in Fast-trans

preparation Stage

The project materials are examined initially to establish the timeline, work steps, and the best legal translation approach.

Assign the project tasks to the translators

Depending on their linguistic and legal skills, the most capable translator or team of translators is chosen to translate each legal document.

Adjusting the requirements of legal documents

After reading the document, the legal terminology is determined, and the process of transferring it to the target language is started, taking into account the context and legal aspects.

The process of translating a legal text

The translation process occurs as normal to produce the first translated draft of legal documents. Depending on the scope of the project, this process may be completed in phases.

The evaluation

The review process is completed separately in the following steps: linguistic review, legal draft review, and if needed, an experienced lawyer's review. After review, the files are given to an evaluation group for examination and evaluation to ensure the accuracy of the translation.

Project delivery

After receiving the files and processing them into their final form, the project manager delivers the files to the client. The client's feedback follows to ensure that any modifications that are required are done before the final delivery.

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How does Fast-Trans select its legal translators?

Fast-trans legal translators are all certified translators, whose signature is considered part of the proof of accreditation of the translated document. It is a prerequisite that the translator gather legal experience that allows him to understand the different legal systems and comparative law and his knowledge of legal terms in Arabi and the other language; to use each term in its legal context without being misunderstood.

Why choose us

Why should you choose Fast Trans for Arabic Legal Translation services

Fast Trans offers a variety of services that would answer all you need:​

Arabic Sworn Translations

The Ministry of Justice has granted Fast Trans for Arabic Certified Translation Services a license to operate Arabic certified translation. The essential language and translation skills for the job, we are well-versed in every legal and judicial jargon and have enough legal expertise


Wide Language and legal experience

Our professional Arabic translators are qualified to translate legal papers since they have the necessary language and translation abilities. In addition to their experience in the legal sector with significant legal and judicial terminology knowledge.


Detail-based and accurate translations

We provide legal translation English to Arabic in all forms with complete objectivity, maintaining the original text's meaning and purpose by accurately conveying all of the text's information and details in the target language without any linguistic or legal terminology error.


Punctuality For Services

At Fast Trans we guarantee the delivery of your Arabic legal translation with the highest quality and within the scheduled time frame. Since we are surely aware of the importance of the time element in legal translation. We are always on time.

Keep your legal documents Attestation

An attestation is a legal declaration of a document’s authenticity. It includes all kinds of legal documents, such as those of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Education, Chamber of Commerce, Health Authorities, and embassies. Fast-trans is ISO-certified locally and internationally, which means we can provide you with any kind of legal attestation you need.

Issuing an Arabic driving license became easier!

In some countries, like the UAE, it is possible to replace a driver’s license with a UAE license by translating and obtaining a new license. We can translate your license with certification to be accepted by the UAE traffic authority.

What types of legal translation does fast-trans offer?

One of the most challenging translations to handle is legal translation. It is not usual for a single translator to be able to translate all legal documents; instead, he must specialize in certain legal translation categories. To eventually offer a professional legal translation service that covers all necessary legal translations, Fast-trans is working to use the experience of its legal translators. To get what you want, you can ask for the translation of any legal document you desire. The most popular type of legal translation is:
ترجمة المستندات الرسمية copy

Any kind of contract, including those for the purchase and sale of real estate, company establishment, and dissolving agreements, bank documents, and financial reports and statements.

ترجمة الكتب والمعلومات القانونية

All official government papers, such as birth, death, marriage, divorce, and national ID cards.

القانونية copy

translation of court documents, judgment files, litigation files, advocate materials, declarations of witnesses, and written and spoken agreements.

الترجمة الجنائية copy

academic materials, legal books, and all educational resources must also be translated legally.

Arabic Legal Interpreting Services

In some countries, like the UAE, it is possible to replace a driver’s license with a UAE license by translating and obtaining a new license. We can translate your license with certification to be accepted by the UAE traffic authority.

  • Interpreting Scenarios 
  • Depositions
  • Trials
  • Hearings
  • Meetings
  • Arbitrations
  • Conference calls
  • Medical examinations
  • Insurance statements

Arabic Legal Transcription Services

We transform legal visual and audio material into written format. Our native Arabic translators have legal experience, so they can manage legal terms and write them accurately while keeping your material confidential.

We provide kinds of legal interpreting, like 

  • Trial dialogue and trial transcripts
  • Certified transcript
  • Interrogations
  • Arbitration proceedings
  • Conferences
  • Hearings or interviews
  • Telephone recordings:

What Our Customers Say

Since the translation project is theirs, we encourage the clients to discuss every stage of the process.

You can check our clients' comments for yourself at Google Reviews.

We are ISO certified translation agency

Fast-trans has ISO certification from the International Accreditation Forum (IAF) and the National Accreditation Council (EGAC) which means we are certified for our quality translation services nationally and internationally. You can rely on our level of quality!

Certified Arabic Translation For All Languages

Fast-trans is a pioneering company in Arabic translation and localization, but although we have professional translators in more than 100 languages, Start transforming your business with our native speakers.

our clients!

Questions You May Ask:

No. We don’t share our clients’ data with others. We make our own translation models – not anyone’s project – and send them potential clients.
Yeah, sure. You can request a translation sample before starting the translation process.

Using Google translate, or any other sort of machine translation, is acceptable for brief, generic sentences, but since computers cannot understand the precise context of a legal document, they may choose words that do not make sense in the context of the text as a whole. If the words used alter the text’s meaning or tone, this may cause many unwanted consequences.

Yes. Fast Trans offers a 24/7 translation service and same-day translation service for urgent translation documents.

The official translation is a legal translation of a document, such as a certificate, or another document that needs to be submitted to an authority. Official translations are always exact equivalent to the original documents. Official translations typically have a stamp on them and are frequently accompanied by a declaration or certification from a sworn translator. 

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