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Arabic Legal Translation Services

Elite Certified Arabic legal translation services in all languages

Fast Trans is an Arabic legal translation company. We are one of the world’s leading lawsuit translation firms. We provide you with the best legal translation service online in the worldwide languages.

Legal translation English to Arabic And Arabic To English

We issue a translation certificate with any legal translation document certifying the authenticity of the translation and its conformity with the original document

This includes legal translations of the following: International and Commercial Laws – Court interpretation – Legal Contracts – Civil Lawsuits – Corporate Legal Documents – Articles of incorporation – University and high school files – Legal Bylaws – Agreements and Transactions Corporate – Family and Real Estate Law Documents- Merger Agreement – Acquisition Agreement, and more.

Legal Translation

Why is Arabic legal translation important?

The importance of Arabic legal translation is to maintain a universal legal language that allows effective communication between Arabic speakers and non-Arabs.

Why is Arabic legal translation challenging?

The most challenging part when dealing with Arabic legal translation is how to deal with two different legal systems in a way that ensures that the translated version is exactly the same as the original text, maintaining the same words and style.

A good Arabic legal translation is one that is done by a translator who is familiar with how to accurately convey the original text in a way that is easily comprehended in different Arab countries. 

Best Arabic Legal Translation services

Fast Trans offers a variety of services that would answer all you need:

Arabic Sworn Translations

The Ministry of Justice has granted Fast Trans for Arabic Certified Translation Services a license to operate Arabic certified translation. The essential language and translation skills for the job, we are well-versed in every legal and judicial jargon and have enough legal expertise.

Detail-based and accurate translations

We provide legal translation English to Arabic in all forms with complete objectivity, maintaining the original text's meaning and purpose by accurately conveying all of the text's information and details in the target language without any linguistic or legal terminology error.

Wide Language and legal experience

Our professional Arabic translators are qualified to translate legal papers since they have the necessary language and translation abilities. In addition to their experience in the legal sector with significant legal and judicial terminology knowledge.

Punctuality For Services

At Fast Trans we guarantee the delivery of your Arabic legal translation with the highest quality and within the scheduled time frame. Since we are surely aware of the importance of the time element in legal translation. We are always on time.

Why should you choose Fast Trans for all Legal translation services?

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Fast trans is located in the old Cairo, midtown, and would work online.

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12-24 hours legal translation services for urgent documents.

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Same-Day Translation Services

For an ongoing project, our client enjoys a totally free trial for a related task to see a sample of the work.

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Free Trial For Ongoing Projects

Our certified legal document translation services come with a credential translation certificate.

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Certified Document

We understand and respect the sensitivity of legal documents and contracts.

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The Obligation of Professional Secrecy

Our certified translation company provides a variety of payment methods and currencies.

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Worldwide Trusted Arabic Legal Translation Services

Best Practices Of Arabic Legal Translation

Legal Arabic translation should be carefully handled by well trained professional translators, just as your organization pays close attention to detail while creating legal paperwork.

Poorly translated papers, whether they contain grammatical, linguistic, or formatting issues, pose major hazards to commercial negotiations, the viability of a legal case, and the reputation of a legal firm abroad. Here are some of the best practices that should be considered when dealing with Arabic legal translation.

Maintaining data privacy

Confidentiality is the primary guideline for managing legal documentation and court records. To guarantee that sensitive information is kept secure. It is crucial to select a legal translation agency with strict data security rules and translators who have signed NDAs. Also, the preservation of the clients’ information in databases under the highest level of security is of extreme significance when dealing with legal documents.

Meeting deadlines

Finding a language service provider who can keep up is crucial because work is fast-paced and time-sensitive in legal departments and law firms. Ideally, a professional Arabic translation agency should have quick response to translation requests and hourly quote provision and speedy turnarounds.

Legal experience

Accuracy in legal translation is a question of legal knowledge as well as language skills. Professional Arabic legal translators should have extensive understanding of the legal framework of the target country. Preferably, legal translators should have strong law-specific expertise, such as corporate, real estate, property, etc.

Translated documents certification

Numerous Arabic legal translations require translation certification, and its procedure differs according to the country, and in some situations, it includes employing a sworn Arabic translator whose identity has been confirmed by the judiciary of the involved country. Therefore, hiring a certified Arabic legal translator is crucial to ensure a high-quality translation that does not get rejected by the end user.

Linguistic experience

Any translation effort should be carried out by a fluent native speaker of the target language to accurately convey the same meaning. When it comes to translating Arabic legal papers, maintaining ideal Arabic language quality is crucial because the significance of minor variances in meaning is increased in a legal context.

Appropriate formatting guidelines

Explanatory comments may be inserted by translators to provide further information. It is sometimes possible to identify parts of an original document that cannot be translated, such as a signature, by placing a word or phrase in brackets. A professional language service provider to ensure the best linguistic knowledge, specialization, and procedure.

Types of Arabic Legal Documents We Translate:

Fast Trans English to Arabic Legal translation service provides translation services within all legal specialties with 100% accuracy and affordable costs. Examples of specialties that we work on include:

  • Contracts Translation
  • Witness statements Translation
  • Articles of association
  • Rulings Translation 
  • Shareholders’ agreements Translation
  • Calls for tender
  • Memoranda of association
  • Minutes
  • Reports Translation
  • Patents Translation
  • Arbitration awards
  • Company registration certificates
  • Powers
  • Acquisition/disposal contracts
  • Civil acts Translation
  • Writs of summons  Translation
  • Administrative decisions
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Shipping
  • Commercial law
  • Financial law Translation
  • Tax law
  • Business law
  • IT law
  • Property law Translation
  • Insurance law
  • Competition law Translation
  • Intellectual Property & Copyright
  • Editorial documents Translation

Certified Translation For All Languages and Approved By All Embassies

How does the translation Arabic legal Translation process work?

It Only Takes A Few Steps to Get Your Translation Done:

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Questions You May Ask:

No. We don’t share our clients’ data with others. We make our own translation models – not anyone’s project – and send them potential clients.
Yeah, sure. You can request a translation sample before starting the translation process.

Using Google translate, or any other sort of machine translation, is acceptable for brief, generic sentences, but since computers cannot understand the precise context of a legal document, they may choose words that do not make sense in the context of the text as a whole. If the words used alter the text’s meaning or tone, this may cause many unwanted consequences.

Yes. Fast Trans offers a 24/7 translation service and same-day translation service for urgent translation documents.

The official translation is a legal translation of a document, such as a certificate, or another document that needs to be submitted to an authority. Official translations are always exact equivalent to the original documents. Official translations typically have a stamp on them and are frequently accompanied by a declaration or certification from a sworn translator. 

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