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Fast Trans is an Arabic Subtitling Translation agency that offers you expert Arabic video translation services and Arabic Subtitle Translation for YouTube videos and other documentaries.

We handle all you need: audio and video translation, content fetching, video editing, keyword research, and more.

All Types of Media Translation To Arabic

Fast Trans’s audio & video transcription and translation services include translation of all kinds of visual materials.

We translate promotional videos, educational videos, audio-video transcription, documentaries, personal branding, and more.

ترجمة موثوقة للفيديوهات كبيرة

What is Arabic Audio and Video translation?

Arabic Audio and Video translation is the process of translating verbal elements of audio or video content from one language to another (Subtitle Translation Services). It is also called multimedia translation. Audiovisual translation is interlingual, it involves both a source and a target language.

What is Arabic Audio and Video transcription?

You probably notice various videos with captions next to them as you navigate through your Facebook account so you can watch them without bothering your housemates. A video transcript is the text that is presented alongside your video.

Arabic Audio and Video transcription is the process of transforming Audio or Video content into written text. This does not necessarily require transferring the language of the Audio or Video into a different language.

Importance of Arabic Audio and Video Transcription and Translation

Through Arabic Audio and video translation, your business presentations, corporate and educational videos, e-learning courses, promo videos, and more may all be made available to your audience in Arabic.

In addition to this, an accurate Arabic audio transcription and translation is crucial for a wide range of applications. They are utilized by journalists, government organizations, as well as nongovernmental organizations for transformation of audio recordings, such as lectures, interviews, and group discussions into text.

Why should you choose Fast Trans for Video and Audio Translation?

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For an ongoing project, our client enjoys a totally free trial for a related task to see a sample of the work.

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Free Trial For Ongoing Projects

Our video translation considers the best method of improving the visibility of YouTube channels on search engines.

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SEO-friendly Video translation

We provide video translation that speaks the language of your targeted users and shows your brand identity.

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Localized content for Brand Identity

Our translation services for video are delivered at the exact appointed time.

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Timeliness of Delivery

We provide various payment methods and currencies for your visual translation services costs.

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Various payment methods

We offer you additional services such as fetching the translation, required designs, YouTube SEO, keyword research, and more.

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Arabic On-Screen Text localization

Is Arabic audiovisual translation and transcription challenging?

The process of translating and transcribing Arabic audio is difficult and requires Arabic audio transcriptionists and translators who have different areas of expertise, such as business, law and science.

What are the types of Arabic transcription and Subtitling Services?

There are several varieties of Arabic transcription services, all of which produce a text file with the dialogue from the audio or video file source.

Arabic Subtitling and Translation Services for Videos and Audios

Verbatim Arabic Subtitling

It is the transcription of spoken words in addition to every single sound produced during the video including, noise words, laughs, other sounds that are present in the video. Even in cases of inappropriate phrase or language choice, colloquialisms, and bad grammar, the transcriber will preserve the speech exactly as it is.

Arabic Subtitle and Translation Services for Videos and Audios (1)

Word For Word Arabic Transcripts and Subtitle

The transcriber will only include the speech in this sort of transcription and will omit any extraneous information, such as anxious stutters, false beginnings, etc. However, the speech will remain unaltered and unaltered.

Arabic Subtitling and Translation Services for Videos and Audios (2)

General Arabic transcription and Subtitling

This method produces a transcript that is more "written" than "spoken". With this kind of transcription we correct any grammar or syntax issues, ensuring that the material reads clearly and is grammatically sound.

Does adding a transcript to my videos help them rank better?

The answer is yes. Adding a transcription to your videos increases their opportunity to rank better on a search engine. Videos that have transcripts are not only more widely available, but also easier for search engines to scrape because they contain text which is more indexable material. This can help your video rank for more queries as the bot understands your video better.

In other words, when you translate video from Arabic to English or vice versa you can easily reach out to your target audience and your videos become more visible.

Fast Trans The Best Arabic Subtitling Translation Agency

If you are looking for an audiovisual subtitling service, Fast Trans English to Arabic audio translation service is your best choice, this is due to many factors, including:

Through our knowledge in Arabic audio and video translation, we assist you in expanding your market and promoting your content in the Middle East. We guarantee that you will receive a comprehensive, affordable, and hassle-free video translation service.

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Extensive knowledge

For an Arabic version of your video, we can perform everything from graphically altering captions or on-screen text to transcribing, translating, and voice-overing it.

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All in one Arabic Subtitling service

To ensure accuracy and quality at every level of a translation project, Fast Trans follows strict quality assurance procedures. You no longer need to be concerned about the technical side or if your product complies with industry standards. All of our skilled project managers have received subtitling training, and they are all familiar with the associated requirements.

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Best Quality Video And Audio Arabic Translation

Fast Trans transcription services guarantee the best possible quality for you, we use industry-standard subtitling software to properly inspect all subtitle files before distribution.

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Up-to-date Subtitling software

Worldwide Trusted Arabic Subtitling And Video Translation Services

Fast Trans Arabic English to Arabic Video Translation Services

Fast Trans English to Arabic video and audio l translation service provides for all types of specialties with 100% accuracy and affordable costs. Examples of subtitles specialties that we work on include:

  • Content transcription 
  • Script translation into Arabic   
  • Proofreading the Arabic script 
  • Time coding (cueing, spotting) 
  • Subtitle mix in video 
  • Subtitle placement 
  • Trans-coding 
  • 3D subtitling 
  • HoH subtitling 
  • Subtitles for the deaf and hearing impaired.
  • Arabic closed captioning 
  • Arabic open captioning 
  • Arabic SDH subtitling 

Fields we work on With Arabic to English Video Translation Services

  • TV channels 
  • IPTV service providers 
  • Educational institutions 
  • Video game companies 
  • Technology companies 
  • VOD, mobile and OTT platforms 
  • Content distributors 
  • Advertising agencies

Accurate Arabic Subtitling Services of Videos for Over 60 Languages

How does the translation process work?

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We first understand the targeted market, users, and language. We then do the competitive analysis of the niche. We decide the exact persona of the targeted audiences.

We then conduct keyword research then started translating the digital content based on: 1. the brand identity; 2. Our research results; 3. The original content needs to be translated.

Yeah, sure. You can request a translation sample before starting the translation process.

We can’t give an exact and real quote of your service except if we know your needs, content specializations, all additional services needed, the delivery time, the targeted language, and more.

So, it is better to contact us and we will give you a rock-bottom price.

Yes. Fast Trans offers a quick but quality translation service, but it depends on the work that needs to be accomplished.

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