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Arabic video translation service

What are Arabic audio and video translations?

The process of translating spoken parts of audio or video content from or into Arabic is known as Arabic audio and video translation. Another name for it is multimedia translation. Video translation could be an audible or subtitle translation service.

Arabic video translations in various dialects

Our voice-over artists are from all over the Middle East. So you will get your video/ audio translation in whatever Arabic dialect you need, such as Saudi Arabian, UAE, or Egyptian dialect, and it will be performed by a native speaker.

Arabic video localization

The audience needs culturally relevant video translations to be accepted, which requires more localization and changes to fit the Arabic audience's taste and culture. So it is not a literal translation, but it needs cultural references and regional modifications.

How do we translate videos and audio materials?

1. Writing down the visual and audio materials

Upon receipt of the materials, we write their original content to convert them into readable texts that can be translated, in case of the unavailability of preparation files and preparation texts.

2. Determine text challenges

What is the topic of the video? Does it require a scientist? Does it use complicated terminology? Write down the concerns that the group starts addressing.

3. Start translating texts

A translation becomes a set of paragraphs. conversations, descriptive paragraphs, or an educational explanation with examples can all be used.

4. Review the translated text

To maintain the quality of the content you provide, we review the text more than once to ensure the clarity of the message and the value you provide to your audience.

5. return the text to its original version

By reordering the pauses and content according to the video montage or the original audio material, we restore the text to its original format.

6. Deliver the translated video

We send you the content in its final form and support you at any time with comprehensive answers that help you output digital content of perfect quality.

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Arabic audio and video transcription

A video transcript is the text that is presented alongside your video. Arabic audio and video transcription is the process of transforming audio or video content into written text. This does not necessarily require transferring the language of the audio or video into a different language. We have multiple choices for Arabic transcription services, whether they are 100% human-generated or through machine translation.

Categories of Arabic Videos and Supported Platforms by Fast-trans

Our Arabic video translation services are for a range of applications and video-based platforms, These include:
تفريغ المواد المرئية والصوتية copy

There's no denying that people enjoy watching videos. Since YouTube is the most popular video-sharing platform with millions of daily searches and most brands and marketers are making films there, we make it a priority as one of our video translation videos.

البدء في ترجمة النصوص copy

As an experienced Arabic video translation company, we offer top-notch professional Netflix video translation services.

إعادة النص إلى صيغته الأصلية

We have native Arabic translators who have artistic souls and know how to transfer movie experience through culture.

تحديد تحديات النص

all businesses that produce and share videos on social media acquire new clients every day. We translate videos on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

مراجعة النص المترجم copy

We provide thorough e-learning video translation services for platforms like Udemy, EdX, and Coursera

تسليم المحتوى المترجم copy

Make sure your commercial videos are translated into Arabic to account for the cultural context changes and ensure the success of your ad.

Why choose us

Fast-trans standards for Arabic visual and audio translation


Consider the cultural differences

When working with any visual or audio source, fast-trans translators consider various cultural contexts and adjust or change their parts to maintain the original meaning.


Keep your language simple and formal

Our translators use professional basic Arabic terms, avoiding plain idioms that might have been included accidentally in the source text, so that the recipient feels comfortable reading or listening.


the translated audio fits the Arabic audience

We faithfully translate words and their comparable sounds so that the audience responds appropriately and comprehends their intended meaning.


4. availability of special sources for unfamiliar terms

A lot of visual and audio media cover specialized subjects; therefore, to maintain correctness and properly translate non-traditional phrases to professionals, we use unique references.

What are the types of Arabic translation, transcription, and subtitling services we provide?

تفريغ المواد المرئية والصوتية copy

It is the transcription of spoken words and every sound produced during the video, including noisy words, laughs, and other sounds. Even in cases of inappropriate phrases or language choices, colloquialisms, and bad grammar, the transcriber will preserve the speech as it is.

البدء في ترجمة النصوص copy

This method produces a transcript that is more "written" than "spoken". With this kind of transcription, we correct any grammar or syntax issues, ensuring that the material reads clearly and is grammatically sound.

إعادة النص إلى صيغته الأصلية

Modify the audio to include voice-over, dubbing, and audio description. We offer users comprehensive, expert Arabic voice-over localization services to assist businesses

تحديد تحديات النص

The transcriber will only include the speech in this sort of transcription and will omit any extraneous information, such as anxious stutters, false beginnings, etc. However, the speech will remain unaltered.

مراجعة النص المترجم copy

The process of translating and displaying spoken dialogue in a video is known as subtitling. For viewers who do not comprehend the language used in the video, subtitles are especially helpful.

تسليم المحتوى المترجم copy

Adapt the video visuals to be acceptable for Arabic audiences, which makes the whole video experience more effective.

Why choose us

Why choose Fast Trans as your Strategic Partner

We’re 9001 ISO Certified by the (EGAC) and the (IAF). Our goal is to become your strategic partner in the MENA region. Especially if you’re a foreign business stepping into a MENA country for the first time. The road can seem buggy, especially with language barriers topped with cultural ones. Fast Trans is there to help your business every step of the way.

A true partnership

Our philosophy centers on building meaningful relationships with clients, it’s our key to long-term retention. Additionally, curating discounted and competitive packages is our way of welcoming new partnerships!


Quality management

Our translators combine nativity with extensive subject matter expertise, utilize translation technologies like Translation Memories, and work closely with an array of editors and proofreaders to guarantee top-tier quality.



Our customer support team is available around the clock, to answer any of your queries via your preferred method of communication (WhatsApp, email, mobile), it’s your call.


On-time delivery

When it comes to working with businesses, timing is a costly factor. With Fast Trans, we promise a fast turnaround and offer same-day delivery for your urgent documents.


What Our Customers Say

Since the translation project is theirs, we encourage the clients to discuss every stage of the process.

You can check our clients' comments for yourself at Google Reviews.

We are ISO certified translation agency

Fast-trans has ISO certification from the International Accreditation Forum (IAF) and the National Accreditation Council (EGAC) which means we are certified for our quality translation services nationally and internationally. You can rely on our level of quality!

Certified Arabic Translation For All Languages

Fast-trans is a pioneering company in Arabic translation and localization, but although we have professional translators in more than 100 languages, Start transforming your business with our native speakers.

our clients!

Questions You May Ask:

We first understand the targeted market, users, and language. We then do the competitive analysis of the niche. We decide the exact persona of the targeted audiences.

We then conduct keyword research then started translating the digital content based on: 1. the brand identity; 2. Our research results; 3. The original content needs to be translated.

Yeah, sure. You can request a translation sample before starting the translation process.

We can’t give an exact and real quote of your service except if we know your needs, content specializations, all additional services needed, the delivery time, the targeted language, and more.

So, it is better to contact us and we will give you a rock-bottom price.

Yes. Fast Trans offers a quick but quality translation service, but it depends on the work that needs to be accomplished.

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