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Professional Islamic translation services

Excellent Islamic translation is more important than ever because of the growing number of learners studying Islam worldwide and those who are joining it. These learners prove that Islamic religious texts and Islamic culture don't belong to the Arabic language and its speakers alone. Fast-trans hired quite a lot of qualified translators with strong backgrounds in Islamic sciences in all languages and for all Sharia disciplines. Additionally, they have a lot of experience translating Islamic literature.

Certified Translators with Shar'i Degree

Fast trans translators combine Sharia and linguistic disciplines, as all our Islamic translators have graduated from Al-Azhar University (Faculty of Languages ​​and Translation, Department of Islamic Studies) in the target language with a strong experience of many years in translating various Islamic texts. 

Therefore, we ensure that choosing the religious translation strategy that is most compatible with the text you wish to translate, conveys the understanding of Islamic terms and texts to those who are not related to the Arabic language or the Islamic religion in a more meaningful way, in harmony with the target language and its culture.

It is an official Islamic translation service and a distinguished online Islamic translation service compared to any other translation agency.

Dealing with Islamic translation complexity

The most sophisticated and elevated form of Arabic of all is the one that exists in the holy texts and Islamic writings, which we can refer to as Quranic Arabic. The recognition of Islamic translation difficulties enabled us to offer dependable Islamic translation services through fast-trans team, which is made up of qualified translators who are fluent in languages besides Arabic and Islamic sciences. This enables us to:

Since Arabic is the mother tongue of fast-trans translators, direct translation from Arabic requires flawless skill rather than an intermediate language, which improves translation accuracy.

The concept of culture has always been an essential aspect of translation, especially in Islamic translation. It is obvious that Arab and Islamic beliefs, concepts, and norms differ from those of the West, so we are dealing with this cultural gap.

By using academic translation techniques that are best suited to the text's needs, we avoid many of the mistakes that arise from random and poor translations.

We master the art of using the right term that expresses the same original meaning by following this term in many languages to the most popular and precise one.

Processes taken when fast-trans is translating Islamic texts

First, the pre-translation phase

When a client requests an Islamic translation project, every aspect of the project is evaluated, including its scope, complexity, time frame, and budget, and we create a clear agreement while considering the client's needs. Next, we develop a translation outline for the project.

Select needed translators and techniques

In this stage, we will translate the text by the most fit Islamic translator, using the best translation methodologies and suitable technical tools.

Quality Testing and Evaluation

The project goes through the stages of linguistic and Islamic revision and then comes to the modifying step. Then comes the quality stage The next step is the QA quality stage, which consists of a few tests used to verify the accuracy and quality of all project parts through the various quality tools and standards used in fast-trans. The final step in the quality and deliverability evaluation is to present the project to an Islamic translation evaluation team.

Delivery stage

After the client provides feedback and corrections to his Islamic translation project, we edit it and send it to him as a final delivery. additionally, giving a translation certification.

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keeping the beauty of the Arabic language

Arabic has unique traits that distinguish it from any other language! Fast-trans keeps in mind religious writings' rhetorical techniques, psychological shades, and melodic rhythm when translating Arabic text into the target language to maintain the text's logical and emotional aspects.

Types of Islamic translations that fast-trans provide

Islamic translation services vary depending on the type of text and the Islamic translation field to which it belongs. At Fast-Trans, we provide professional Arabic, Islamic, and religious translations in addition to the other languages. We have experience in providing all kinds of Islamic translations, including the most common, such as:

ترجمة النصوص الإسلامية المقدسة copy

It is limited to translating the hadiths and the interpretations of the Holy Quran.

ترجمة الخطب والدروس الدينية copy

This type of translation relates to visuals, Khutbahs of Jum’ah Islamic lessons, and explanations.

ترجمة النصوص الإسلامية غير المقدسة copy

Fatwah is a formal decision or explanation on a matter of Islamic Shariah provided by a mufti, which is important to Muslims around the world.

ترجمة الخطب والدروس الدينية copy

Your online presence is one of the most valuable and important Islamic materials nowadays.

ترجمة السُنة النبوية الشريفة copy

The translation of hadiths, and related books and materials.

ترجمة الوثائق الاجتماعية والاقتصادية copy

The translation aims to cover all subjects associated with Sharia and its branches, including the studies of Arabic, Aqidah, Fiqh, Islamic philosophy, Islamic economics, and Islamic culture.

ترجمة الوثائق الاجتماعية والاقتصادية copy

Translations of all contracts related to religion or Sharia, like marriage contracts and Islamic bank contracts.

ترجمة الوثائق الاجتماعية والاقتصادية copy

Fast-trans provides Islamic book translation from Arabic to any other language and vice versa.

Interesting facts about Quranic Arabic Translation?​

Islamic translation should be carefully handled by well trained professional Islamic text translators. Poorly translated Islamic books, for example, pose major issues and misleading understandings.​

The Quran is like no other text​

The Quranic Arabic language has several peculiarities that make it even more challenging to translate, in addition to other peculiarities that are specific to the Quranic text itself. ​


One Arabic word = One English sentence

Many Quranic words have no single English word that can accurately translate their meanings. Therefore, a Quranic Arabic translator must construct a whole sentence to be able to convey their exact meaning.​


Arabic Is A powerful language​

Arabic is a rich, and powerful language. The Prophet's (PBUH) opponents used to sneak at night in order to listen to him while reciting the Quran. They were deeply moved by the Quran’s strength and power, as well as by its meanings and irresistible language. A Quranic Arabic translator should try to evoke the audience’s emotions in the closer way as the original text.​

ترجمة النصوص الإسلامية غير المقدسة copy

Wide range of vocabulary

Arabic has a larger vocabulary than many other languages. Additionally, the same Arabic word can frequently have several different shades of meaning. When someone tries to translate, for instance, he just chooses one English phrase or looks for an English term that confines that concept, yet, the meanings of the Qur'an may not be entirely conveyed.​


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We are ISO certified translation agency

Fast-trans has ISO certification from the International Accreditation Forum (IAF) and the National Accreditation Council (EGAC) which means we are certified for our quality translation services nationally and internationally. You can rely on our level of quality!

Certified Arabic Translation For All Languages

Fast-trans is a pioneering company in Arabic translation and localization, but although we have professional translators in more than 100 languages, Start transforming your business with our native speakers.

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No. We don’t share our clients’ data with others. We make our own translation models – not anyone’s project – and send them potential clients.

Yeah, sure. You can request a translation sample before starting the translation process.

Fast Trans pays extra attention to Islamic translation. We only assign them to professional translators with a degree in Islamic studies. They must be professional in both fields; translation and shari’a.

Yes. Fast Trans offers a 24/7 translation service and same-day translation service for urgent translation documents.

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