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Only when you think your game has it all, it turns out that it could be missing a pool of potential admirers when it’s available in only one language. Connect with gamers worldwide by making your game culturally relevant, linguistically accurate, and truly immersive.

Localize your game to reach 158% more Gamers

Want 158% more gamers? The answer lies in localizing your game! Our native team ensures every detail resonates worldwide, transforming your game into a global sensation. Reach more players, create unforgettable experiences, and watch your fan base soar. Ready to expand your reach?

Why choose us

Why choose Us to Localize Your Game?

You want to localize your game because it’s a situation that’s loaded with wins, but why can Fast Trans be the ‘man for the job’?

Comprehensive Game localization

You get a comprehensive adaptation of your game, from voiceovers, video clips, in-game-ads, screenshots, and App Store descriptions.


Extensive game localization experience

We’re experts in this! In our portfolio, we packed 1500+ projects, many of which are games.


Utilizing Localization Platforms

Our team users Translation memories, API integrations, and Term Glossraies, and can work with a variety of file formats,


Supporting 120+ Languages

Because gamers deserve access to your Game in the language of their choice.

Our solution for Game localization


Tailor every aspect of your game's text to resonate with the target users, tackling full cultural immersion.


Purely technical documents such as game manuals, development guides, API documentation, and support aren’t left out of our localization services!


We preserve the storyline and emotional tone, but do what it takes to deliver the dialogue and character voices in the gamer’s locale.


Adapting software interfaces and website content into multiple languages to maximize enhancement of the user experience (UX).


We entirely proofread the localized content like dialogue boxes, menus and interfaces, narrative elements, and any in-game documentation.


To truly invest in transferring the entire experience of the game to the target user, we opt for transcreation to make it nothing short of exceptional.

Here’s what our game localization process looks like

Fast Trans project manager will get in touch

Upon showing interest in a project, a project manager will schedule a meeting to take note of all your needs and goals.

The team is assembled, and work is in full swing

After that meeting, the PM will assemble a team of specialized game localizers, distribute tasks, and set milestones.

Rigorous testing and Quality Assurance

After the game is fully localized, there comes the most important step where we implement several QA steps.

Receiving feedback and project finalization

Finally, the outcome is shared with you, and upon your feedback we make the needed alterations and run even more QAs till finalization…Hooray!

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Why choose us

Why choose Fast Trans as your Strategic Partner

We’re 9001 ISO Certified by the (EGAC) and the (IAF). Our goal is to become your strategic partner in the MENA region. Especially if you’re a foreign business stepping into a MENA country for the first time. The road can seem buggy, especially with language barriers topped with cultural ones. Fast Trans is there to help your business every step of the way.

A true partnership

Our philosophy centers on building meaningful relationships with clients, it’s our key to long-term retention. Additionally, curating discounted and competitive packages is our way of welcoming new partnerships!


Quality management

Our translators combine nativity with extensive subject matter expertise, utilize translation technologies like Translation Memories, and work closely with an array of editors and proofreaders to guarantee top-tier quality.



Our customer support team is available around the clock, to answer any of your queries via your preferred method of communication (WhatsApp, email, mobile), it’s your call.


On-time delivery

When it comes to working with businesses, timing is a costly factor. With Fast Trans, we promise a fast turnaround and offer same-day delivery for your urgent documents.


What Our Customers Say

Since the translation project is theirs, we encourage the clients to discuss every stage of the process.

You can check our clients' comments for yourself at Google Reviews.

We are ISO certified translation agency

Fast-trans has ISO certification from the International Accreditation Forum (IAF) and the National Accreditation Council (EGAC) which means we are certified for our quality translation services nationally and internationally. You can rely on our level of quality!

Certified Arabic Translation For All Languages

Fast-trans is a pioneering company in Arabic translation and localization, but although we have professional translators in more than 100 languages, Start transforming your business with our native speakers.

our clients!