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How to translate video from Arabic to English?

Many people, content creators, organizations, and others want to raise the popularity of the videos they create to reach a wider audience in different countries while gaining several advantages and gains at different levels. In this article, we’ll explain the significance of video translation and provide a guide on how to do it effectively.

What is the meaning of video translation?

Video translation is the process of translating the dialogues and texts in a video clip from the original language to any other language. This can be done in two ways:

  •  by recording the translated content to make it audible 
  • or by adding a translation text at the bottom of the screen.


Translating films into other languages promotes cross-cultural connection and expands the reach of your material internationally in a way that is comprehensible to all language speakers.


The importance of video translation

Multilingual video translation has numerous advantages for content producers and other businesses, and the following are some of the reasons why this kind of translation is crucial:


  1. expanding the audience that can access the content

When you translate videos, you contribute to the broad reach of the content you create, reaching a wider audience across the entire world. not only boosts your brand but also yields larger monetary benefits.


  1. improve visibility in search engines

If you are looking to increase the organic search results on your content, video translation can get you more traffic to your website or social media page, not only by translating the video itself but also by translating the description of the video so that search engines can find it and show it to more people.


  1. Perform better than competitors and find new markets.

You may exceed your rivals and enter new global markets by posting product promotional videos in multiple languages. This will expand your reach within those communities and boost sales.


Approximately 72% of people prefer to explore websites in their native tongues, and they are more likely to purchase things if the owners update them in their original tongue, according to numerous specialist research. Because of all of this, your desire to translate product advertising films is crucial to the project’s success.


4-Enhance engagement with your content.

Of course, if you creatively produce a video in any language, it will automatically attract the audience to watch it, but if you translate it into their native language, this will attract more viewers and encourage them to interact with your content more and share it more widely.

The best video translation software

There are many video translation programs and tools that you can use in your work, including some that are free and others that are paid, but you should pay attention to the fact that this translation will not reach the highest levels of accuracy and quality unless it is reviewed by a professional translator specializing in the field of content that the video focuses on. The most prominent specialized sites in this branch of translation include the following:


  1. location Nova.AI

This site is one of the most prominent video translation sites, as it allows you to translate in about 100 languages, and it is characterized by providing you with highly accurate results suitable for videos with highly specialized or complex content.


2-Maestra website

This site allows videos to be translated from more than 80 languages, and you can also take advantage of the feature of extracting text content from the video to display it to a professional translator who helps in the translation process to avoid the risks of relying on machine translations that may not be accurate enough.


3-Kapwing website

Kapwing is one of the most famous tools that help to translate videos professionally. The site also has an easy interface to suit various categories, supports video translation in Arabic, and you can edit the video and add a set of effects, whether visual or audio, to make it more professional.


How to translate videos

The process of video translation goes through a set of steps that integrate to produce a translated video with the highest level of professionalism. The steps of video translation are as follows:


  1. Extract audio as a text 

The first step of video translation is to convert the spoken speech in the video clip into written text, whether by manually unpacking it or using specialized programs and tools, with the need to review the text and make sure it matches what the video contains in the case of using automated tools in the unpacking process due to the possibility of an error in unpacking some words, which may change the meaning and spoil the rest of the translation stages.


2-translation of the extracted text

After that, the text extracted from the video is translated into the target language, and the translation can be done through a professional translator or by machine translation with subsequent revision by a translator before moving on to the third stage.


3: Decide how to add the translation

After you have fully translated the text, you have two options to add the translation to the video: either in the form of a translation written at the bottom of the video screen that the audience reads in their native language while watching, which, of course, is the easiest way to implement.


The second way is to use the dubbing method in the video, that is, to add the translation audibly through native speakers of the target language, which increases the pleasure of watching and makes it easier for viewers, but at the same time, it needs more time and more cost to implement professionally.


4: Add translation

This is where the process of adding subtitles to the video clip through video editing programs comes into play, with the need to ensure that the subtitles, whether written or Audible, are synchronized with the image that appears so as not to cause any distraction for viewers.


5: Review the accuracy of the translation

The translation should be fully reviewed after it is added to the video to ensure its accuracy and consistency with the purpose of the video clip and to make the necessary editing for any errors detected, taking into account that the written voice or speech fits with any drawings or images displayed on the screen.


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