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Best localization agency in middle east

Foreign businesses expanding to the Middle East for the first time shall embark on a journey of content localization that entails not only translating to the target arab audience but doing that in a way that’s familiar to them. Despite living in a globalized world, businesses certainly recognize the importance of localizing to a specific target audience.

To make the search for localization service providers easier for you when expanding to the Middle East, we’ve gathered below what we think are the top localization service providers in MENA and Egypt.

Let’s explore below the benefits behind each one.


Fast Trans

Starting with Fast Trans, It’s A leading ISO-certified translation company based in Cairo. Fast Trans is one of the leading providers of translation and localization services with their specialization being conquering linguistic barriers for seamless global interaction. Fast Trans ensures linguistic fidelity, and contextual accuracy, by offering complete solutions for various fields such as legal, medical, or technical documents, and over 20 other kinds of localization services. The company has landed international clients over the years, and partners with American and English companies offshore. Additionally, it’s one of the few that have found the sweet spot between localization quality, and cost-effectiveness. Fast Trans is constantly able to provide attractive translation and localization packages for new clients.

Unlike many localization giants on our list, Fast Trans stands out because it provides a wide variety of localization services, a few of which are: Website localization, App localization, software localization and internationalization, and SEO translation…etc.

Location: Cairo, Mokattam

Phone: 00201552196068

Email: info@fast4trans.com

Google rating: 4.1/5


Future Group

Established in 1994, Future Group has its headquarters in the US but has offices in Cairo and Dubai. The company has a huge team of over six thousand translators and language service providers handling all kinds of localization for clients’ websites, software, games, and more. It offers global coverage by translating and localizing into all languages and dialects with the help of native speakers. Evidently, it landed many international clients like Intel, Microsoft, and Google. In addition to that, they create training programs for specialized and technical industries to make sure specialized translators are well-educated on their subject before embarking on any specialized project.

Location: Giza, Egypt


Google rating: 3.8/5


Renassaince Translation

Renassaince has a branch in Abha, Saudi Arabia. It’s one of the top-rated companies by Trust Pilot; scoring an impressive 4.9. They have 13 years of industry expertise where they landed over 2500 clients some of which are giants like Audi, Netflix, National Geographic, and Turkish Airlines. They’ve earned the trust of clients by meeting tight deadlines and offering top quality at a decent price. Renaissance does that by hiring translators with no less than five years of industry experience and proceeding to provide them with the latest technology in translation like CAT tools and translation memory software to support the process. Moreover, they use a simple but effective TEP method in their projects which entails three processes: translation, editing, and proofreading. Finally, they are proud associate members of the Association of Translation Companies (ATC), as well as EUATC.

Location: Abha, Saudi Arabia

Email: info@renaissance-translations.com

Google rating: 4.9/5


Alsun Translation 

Also known as ATS. Based in Dubai, this company has been around for 20 years. During that time they landed over 2000 clients, and managed to cover over 70 language pairs, expanding their team to 500+ linguists and translators. When it comes to localization, ATS understands the value it brings to brands and businesses. Therefore, they equip the localizers and translators with marketing background as well as industry expertise. They support website and software localization among other localization types.

Location: Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai.

Mobile: 0544379997

Email: info@alsuntranslation.com

Google rating: 4.8/5



Tarjama, founded in 2008 and headquartered in Abu Dhabi, but also located in KSA, Egypt, and Jordan, is a leading provider of smart language solutions in the MENA region where they’ve been working for 15 years. They offer a variety of services including localization, translation, content creation, and linguistic consulting in 55+ languages, including 10+ Arabic dialects. Over the years they have landed clients like amazon, Majid Al Futtaim, and pws. Tarjama’s innovative use of AI and technology ensures efficient and high-quality localization. For example: they use Arabic Neural Machine Translation (AMT), and a Translation Management System (TMS) called CleverSo. Their unparalleled devotion to quality assurance QA earned them an impressive 98% rate of client retention, that’s more than 700+ happy clients.

Location: Abu Dhabi, UAE

Email: support@tarjama.com

Rating: 4.9/5


Al Hakem Translation 

Located in Qatar, and founded by Jumana Issa. Al Hakem has been present on the ground for 15 years. They have an impressive record of translating 50+ thousand words per day. Localization is just one of their many services. As a potential client for Al Hakem, they will offer you a free sample of their work to test their service before trusting them with a project. They understand that localization is essential for businesses. In order to fulfill the demands of worldwide markets, they hire a team of native and fluent speakers who can deliver the cultural nuances and contextual translation accurately. Additionally, Al Hakem offers a variety of localization services for websites, software, apps, and multimedia. 

Location: King Abdullah, Doha

Email: welcome@alhakemtranslation.com

Phone: +962 792 999 898

Google rating: 4.8/5



Founded in Egypt 30 years ago. Arabize is one of the translation and localization leaders in MENA and Egypt, and in so many ways a gateway for your business that’s entering Middle Eastern markets. They offer plenty of other services like transcreation, copywriting, and MTPE. Currently, they retain over 500 top clients that include industry giants like Ford, Google, HP, and the University of Cambridge. Arabize constantly earns the trust of customers by promising quality, cost-effectiveness, and fast turnaround. They do that by utilizing top translation technology to streamline processes, in addition to using recent Quality Assurance and earning ISO certification as proof of their quality. When it comes to localization, they hire cultural experts who can guarantee your content will be 100% relevant to your target audience.

Location: Cairo and Alexandria

Phone: +202 240551925 and +203 5857985

Rating: 4.8/5


Can Translate

Founded in 2011, and has its headquarters in Kuwait. Can Translate may not be one of the oldest localization service providers on our list but they certainly deserve the credit. Over the years, their passion for transcending language borders enabled them to specialize in more than 174 languages and land hundreds of national and global clients. They state their localization mission as “To provide exceptional linguistic services that empower our clients to communicate effectively and seamlessly across global markets”.

Location: Qibla Al Kuwayt, Kuwait

Email: info@cantranslate.com

Phone: +(965) 99399665 or 50617261

Rating: 4.3/5


Gibran Translation

An award-winning language services company located in Jordan. Gibran hires qualified translators but also subject matter experts to make sure they are not only converting meaning by also the” spirit of the original text”. They are a great option if you need your legal, financial, or business texts to be translated. Overall, their numbers are impressive. Over the 11 active business years, Gibran landed more than 800 clients, delivered 8000+ projects, and received two awards to for work in the language service industry. Gibran also has a diverse international team from the Middle East, North Africa, and beyond. Some of their biggest clients are UN Women, JTi, and UNHCR

Location: Amman, Jordan

Phone: 0790044959

Google rating: 5/5


Pro translate

A Leading localization and language service provider in Beirut, for foreign clients who are navigating translation companies in Beirut, Pro Translate is a great place to start. They offer translation in over 70 languages. They also provide website localization services, and Drupal localization services in 60+ languages. Hired translators at Pro work on website localization af All of our translators must pass several language exams passing a couple of linguistic texts to make sure they are fit for the task. That’s because as a localization expert, they understand that a mistake in translation not only costs money but harms the image of the brand. The company is also part of the American Translators Association (ATA) and the Globalization and Localisation Association (GALA).

Location: Beirut, Lebanon

Email: info@protranslate.et

Phone:+33 1 87 21 00 99

Google rating: 4.8

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