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The top 10 medical translation companies in MENA

Medical translation is one of the hardest translation fields ever, and it requires high linguistic ability and experience in the medical field. It will be hard to choose a company you haven’t worked with before or don’t even know about.

In this article, we will give you a summary of each one to decide before you move forward.


Fast-trans is a pioneering medical translation company that has a variety of expertise and is looking forward to helping you translate all kinds of medical files. 

Fast-trans has a controlled translation process that follows the best quality criteria; you can access a free sample before starting a large project or revising our previous work; and there is fast service for urgent projects.


  • Cairo translation

It is among MENA’s most well-known translation services. offers medical translation services but does not focus on it specifically; they translate all other types of translation materials. 

With years of experience, Cairo Translation has completed several projects with reasonable levels of client service and translation quality.


  • Jawda-translation

They promise to be MENA’s most affordable medical translation provider, despite their still-acceptable level of quality. Even though they don’t have much experience in the medical industry, we recommend them to you if you’re on a limited budget because their translations are done by humans, not by automated machines. They will at least be free of writing and grammar mistakes.


  • Egada

It is an all-in-one translation agency that offers translation services in over 50 languages. They stick to standards and base all of their work on quality. 

Although they are working quickly to complete the translation, the typical delay possibilities still exist, so be prepared.  

To find out more about the costs, which vary based on the projects and other variables, get in touch with them. 


  • Emtyiaz

With over 50 translators, each with a specific area of expertise in translation, Emtyiaz has five years of experience in translation. They may make some grammar and spelling errors, but they are making an honest effort to produce acceptable work, and now they are trying to work in the medical field.


  • Rosseta

Egypt is the headquarters of the translation agency Rosetta. They have experience translating in various languages and industries and are quality-oriented. Since their translations have been certified by governments and embassies, they specialize in legal translation with little attention to other fields like medical translation.

Knowing that Rosseta targets Gulf countries like Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, their pricing is somewhat higher than average.


  • Raise hub

Translation is one of the services offered by the digital marketing agency Raise Hub; however, it is not the primary service. They are beneficial if you need just a little translation work done for a digital marketing project, as they will provide all the services needed, like content creation and SEO, but they aren’t the best for translating complicated medical documents. 


  • Via translation

Via Translation makes a great offer to establish itself as a medical translation company. Although they face some challenges, they may lack the resources and knowledge to handle complex medical documents because Medical translation companies ensure accurate and precise translations that adhere to industry-specific terminology and regulations. Additionally, their prices may be higher than those of other companies that specialize in medical translations.


  • ATS translation

Medical translation is among the many translation services offered by ATS Translation Company. Their excellent team of translators provides precise translations for all kinds of content, both spoken and written. They offer medical translation services for medical research papers, medical equipment manuals, and health insurance documents in addition to their primary area of expertise in legal translation. They use cutting-edge technology to assure excellent outcomes, and they guarantee the secrecy and correctness of every translation.


  • White stage

White Sage is a recently established small Saudi translation company with headquarters in Rayad. Its primary values are quickness and privacy. Students are usually their target audience, particularly in academic and research projects. White Stage is the greatest choice if you’re a student seeking good quality at reasonable pricing without requiring a company that has a lot of experience.


  •  Engaz

Engaz translators have a deep understanding of medical concepts and terminology, allowing them to provide high-quality translations that maintain the integrity and accuracy of the original content. Additionally, they have access to a network of subject-matter experts who can review and validate the translations, further ensuring their quality and reliability, although you need to revise them afterward to ensure you are satisfied with their quality.


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