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All you need to know about the International Translation Day

International Translation Day

International Translation Day is a formal occasion for translators. It increases the awareness of the vital role of translators in breaking the barriers between different cultures and allowing people to understand and learn from other cultures Throughout the world.

Furthermore, International Translation Day sheds light on the tremendous efforts of professional translators that make the world smaller. Also, it honours professional translators for their role in easing the dialogue between peoples, in addition to their role in building up international peace.

Another fact to remember is Translation means a process of transferring the language of text or talk into another language. It plays a vital role in the transmission of knowledge globally. 

When is International Translation Day?

The celebration of International translation day is on 30 September of every year. This occasion’s idea belonged to the International Federation of Translators “FIT” which launched this occasion in 1991. 

FIT launched this idea to increase awareness of the translators’ role in the world in bringing nations together and highlighting their cooperative work in translation. 

So, FIT presented a proposal to the United Nations General Assembly to get formal approval and confession of this occasion. They founded it in 2017, the year of the first celebration of International Translation Day.

The United Nations chose 30 September as the date of this occasion, as long as it’s the same day as the feast of Saint Jerome, who was the translator of the Bible.

On the day of international translation, many seminars and competitions are held to highlight the importance of translation. Also, the top translators for each language get rewards for their extensive efforts and outstanding talents.

Additionally, The United Nations holds a competition in the UN St.Jerome Contrast in several official languages such as English, Arabic, French, Russian and German translation. All the members’ staff of the UN attend this competition.

In 1983, the Arab Organization for Education, Culture, and Science paid attention to increasing awareness of translation’s importance by creating an international plan related to translation. The Conference Ministers of Culture Affairs in the Arab World in Algeria approved this plan.

What are International Federation Translators?

It’s a non-governmental Organization founded in 1953 in Paris, representing over 60,000 translators formally Throughout the world.

This Organization has many branches in over 50 countries. Its fundamental goals are increasing the professionalism of translation, supporting translators’ rights and providing an upgraded environment for all translators to promote their profession.

International Translation Day Celebration

The most important part of International Translation Day is the ways of celebrating, so here are several suggestions for a fabulous and never-to-be-forgotten celebration for translators:

1. Presenting a Gift

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The simplest way of celebrating is to give a gift to your friends who work in translation. It’s another way of supporting their work and paying tribute to their efforts and talents.

Many ideas fit the translators and represent their work as Books, Kindle, headsets, a Travel-friendly laptop stand, a coffee maker and an ergonomic chair.

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2. Creating Competitive Games 

Competitive Games are one of the best entertaining celebrations. You can gather your friends and make fun games for them, such as competitions for the fastest interpreter who can translate a text or talk at a particular time.

3. Planning a party 

At work, you can create a surprise party for the translators with the cooperation of the team members and make it a day to remember for them.

4. Organizing a Group Event

You can make the celebration more fabulous if you invite families and friends of the translators to a group event to celebrate with them. This event can be a movie night or dining out.

5. Creating Gift Packages 

You can make the translators cheerful on this day by surprising them with gift packages like a group of colouring books, colourful pens, notebooks, and chocolate bars.

6. Creating a Poster Board 

You can celebrate with the translators and appreciate their work by writing honourable messages for them on poster boards, bulletin boards or whiteboards.

Invite all the team to write an appreciation message to them, but ensure that the board is in a place where the translators can notice it.

International Translation Day Activities 

As a translator, you can do many activities that brighten your day and improve your professional skills.

Here are some suggestions for this day:

1. Learn a new Language

Translators are passionate about learning languages. So you can choose a language that interests you and start learning it on this day. Therefore, you’ll be able to translate more than language.

Moreover, learning a new language is a vital factor in activating your memory and increasing your concentration. Also, this way will enhance your communication and engagement with people from all over the world.

2. Watch a Foreign Movie

Watching subtitled movies is another practical way to improve your language skill of listening, in addition to learning new words. It’s an educational and entertaining way for you at the same time. 

3. Buy a Translation Book 

One of the beneficial activities that you can do on this day is to level up your translation skills by buying a translation book that was translated by a creative translator. It’s an effective way to learn new vocabularies that improve your work in translation.

4. Donate for Translation

If you want to support translation, you can make donations to non-profit Organizations that aim to develop translation.

International Celebration Day Theme 2022

This year, the International Translation Day theme will be:” A World Without Barriers”. The first theme of this occasion was launched in 2014.

Here are the previous themes of this occasion:

  • United in Translation – 2021.
  • Finding the Words for a World in Crisis – 2020.
  • Translation and Indigenous Languages during the International Year of Indigenous Languages – 2019.
  • Translation: Promoting Cultural Heritage in Changing Times – 2018.
  • Translation and Diversity – 2017.
  • Translation and Interpreting – 2016.
  • The Changing Face of Translating and Interpreting – 2015.
  • Language Rights: Essential to All Human Rights – 2014.


International Translation Day is an annual occasion that occurs on 30 September. It aims to pay tribute to the translators and interpreters who play a vital role in bringing nations together, easing communication between people, and enhancing global peace. This occasion was the idea of the International Federation of Translators.

Multitudes of ways can make the celebration of International Translation day distinctive, such as unique gifts to the translators, planning parties, organizing group events, and competitive games.

On the other hand, translators can make this day special for them by doing various activities such as buying a translation book, watching a foreign movie, and learning a new language. This year, the Occasion’s theme is “A World Without Barriers”.

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