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Basira Foundation


Translation of 120 Hours subtitling





Project time

6 months

Project Overview

The Basira Foundation, based in Canada, approached Fast Trans for the translation of 120 hours of religious content. This project required a high level of expertise and precision, given the specialized nature of the material. Our team at Fast Trans was able to successfully manage and deliver the project on time, ensuring the highest standards of quality and consistency.


Challenges and Solutions

  • Challenge: Maintaining consistency and accuracy across a large volume of specialized content.
  • Solution: The creation of a project-specific glossary and the involvement of highly qualified experts at each stage of the translation process ensured high consistency and accuracy.
  • Challenge: Meeting tight deadlines while maintaining quality.
  • Solution: Efficient project management and regular team meetings allowed us to stay on track and deliver each milestone on time.


  • The project was successfully completed and delivered within the agreed timeline. The client expressed high satisfaction with the quality and accuracy of the translation, as well as the professionalism and reliability of our team.

“I had the pleasure of working with Fast Trans on a long term video subbing project and it has been a great experience. Their team demonstrated a high level of professionalism, dedication, and expertise throughout the project. The translation of our religious content was handled with great care and precision, ensuring that every detail was accurately conveyed. They showed great project management skills, communicated regularly and kept us informed and involved at every stage. We highly recommend Fast Trans for any translation needs and look forward to collaborating with them again in the future.”

Key Steps and Processes


1- Client Meetings:

  • An initial meeting with the client was conducted to fully understand their needs and expectations.
  • Regular update meetings were held to keep the client informed of progress and to gather feedback.


2- Glossary Compilation:

  • A comprehensive glossary specific to the project was compiled to maintain consistency in terminology throughout the translation.


3- Milestone Delivery:

  • The project was divided into monthly milestones, with each milestone being delivered on time to ensure a steady workflow and regular client feedback.


4- Project Management:

  • A dedicated project manager was assigned to oversee the entire translation process, ensuring all milestones were met and the project stayed on schedule.
  • Regular meetings were conducted with both the client and the translation team to ensure clear communication and address any emerging issues promptly.


5- Translation:

  • The translation was performed by a qualified translator holding a bachelor’s degree in the relevant field, ensuring the content was accurately rendered.


6- Editing:

  • The initial translation was then edited by a specialist with a master’s degree in English and Islamic studies, adding an extra layer of scrutiny and precision.


7- Proofreading:

  • The final proofreading was conducted by a professor in Islamic studies from the prestigious Al-Azhar University, ensuring the translation’s accuracy and authenticity.

Why choose us

Why choose Fast Trans as your Strategic Partner

We’re 9001 ISO Certified by the (EGAC) and the (IAF). Our goal is to become your strategic partner in the MENA region. Especially if you’re a foreign business stepping into a MENA country for the first time. The road can seem buggy, especially with language barriers topped with cultural ones. Fast Trans is there to help your business every step of the way.

A true partnership

Our philosophy centers on building meaningful relationships with clients, it’s our key to long-term retention. Additionally, curating discounted and competitive packages is our way of welcoming new partnerships!


Quality management

Our translators combine nativity with extensive subject matter expertise, utilize translation technologies like Translation Memories, and work closely with an array of editors and proofreaders to guarantee top-tier quality.



Our customer support team is available around the clock, to answer any of your queries via your preferred method of communication (WhatsApp, email, mobile), it’s your call.


On-time delivery

When it comes to working with businesses, timing is a costly factor. With Fast Trans, we promise a fast turnaround and offer same-day delivery for your urgent documents.


What Our Customers Say

Since the translation project is theirs, we encourage the clients to discuss every stage of the process.

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