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Arabic Certificate Translation Services

Arabic certificate translation services in Egypt

Fast Trans Arabic certificate translation services help you get all your certificates translated from Arabic to English and vice-versa with the highest quality and at an affordable cost.

We translate all types of certificates into Arabic including Birth certificates, death certificates, marriage certificates, as well as academic and medical certificates.

Professional Arabic certified translators

Through our large network of certified translators, you can get your certificates translated with the best quality and lowest price.

We also provide same-day certified translations of all your urgent official documents and certificates that are accepted by various governmental institutions. 

Arabic Certificate Translation Services​

What is Arabic certificate translation?

Arabic certificate translation is the transfer of your certificate from its source language into Arabic, taking into consideration the legal differences and the intent and tone of the original document.

Therefore, Fast Trans helps you translate your birth certificate with highest accuracy and in a suitable format.

Why translate your certificates into Arabic?

There are many circumstances where certificate translation is essential, whether you are applying for a Visa permit to travel abroad, or you intend to join an educational program for you or a member of your family, or even translate your medical certificates before traveling to a foreign country, you will undoubtedly need to hire professional certificate translation agency to get the job done.

What are the Examples of certificates translation we commonly translate?

Fast Trans provides professional translation of all types of certificates and official documents. Below are some examples of the certificates we commonly translate.

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Birth Certificate Arabic translation

There are many situations where you will need to get a birth certificate translated. If you're seeking a passport or a visa to live abroad, you should have your birth certificate translated. Upon admission, several academic institutions demand a translated birth certificate. Before enrolling yourself or your child in an educational institution, you should obtain a translation of the birth certificate.

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Academic certificate translation

If you are willing to apply for a job or an educational program in a foreign country, academic certificate translation becomes crucial. Most educational authorities require a certified translation of academic diplomas as a part of the admission process. Therefore, getting your certificates translated by a professional translation agency prevents any delay or errors in such important documents.

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Immigration certificate translation

Are you applying for a Visa permit? You will definitely need to translate your official documents before submitting them to the immigration authorities.

There is no need to worry, Fast Trans certificate translation service will assist you in translating all your documents accurately and quickly.

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Medical certificate translation

Translating your medical reports and certificates is of extreme importance if you intend to travel abroad. Fast Trans can help you translate your medical reports and certificates putting into consideration the sensitivity of these documents as regards personal data confidentiality and the need for a 100% accurate translation.

Why choose Fast Trans For Arabic certificate translation services?

Fast Trans Arabic certificate translation service is your best choice if you are seeking 100% accurate certified translations.

All our certified translations are equivalent to the original documents and bear the signature of our expert translators.

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Certified Arabic translations

Certificate translation projects are delivered on time since we understand time sensitivity of such documents.

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We respect your time

We understand that accuracy is indispensable for the translation of official documents.

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Accurate translation

To ensure the best quality we only depend on our skilled team of native translators.

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100% human translation

Our translation fees are affordable, in addition providing various payment options to meet your needs.

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Affordable cost

Our customer support team is available 24/7 to assist our valued customers whenever needed.

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Highly responsive customer support

Fast trans is located in the old Cairo, midtown, and would work online .

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We are Close Wherever You Are

Our certified translation company provides a variety of payment methods and currencies.

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Various Payment Methods

We offer you additional services such as proofreading, designs, desktop publishing (DTP) services, and more.

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All-In-One Service

Worldwide Trusted Arabic Certificate Translation Services

Types of certificates we translate:

Fast Trans translates all types of official documents and certificates including:

  • Birth Certificate translation
  • Death certificate translation 
  • Marriage certificate translation 
  • Divorce certificate translation 
  • Medical certificate translation 
  • Immigration certificates translation 
  • Academic diplomas

Arabic Certificate Translation into and from All Languages

How does the Arabic translation process work?

It Only Takes A Few Steps to Get Your Translation Done:

Contact fast Trans

Deliver A Document

Translation price

Quote & Date Agreement

Translation process

Preparing Translation

Get Your Translation

In-Depth Review

Receive Translation

Receive Your Translation

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Questions You May Ask:

Yes, Fast Trans provides certified translation services that are signed by our expert translators and accepted by various governmental institutions.

You can easily submit your document and get a free translation quote including all the details concerning the translation fees and payment options.

Yes, we gladly provide fast certificate translation services. All you need is to send us a message and our highly responsive customer support team will immediately inform you of all the details.  Fast Trans offers a 24/7 translation service and same-day translation service for urgent translation documents.

No. We don’t share our clients’ data with others. We make our own translation models – not anyone’s project – and send them potential clients.

Yeah, sure. You can request a translation sample before starting the translation process.

Yes. All of our Arabic Translation are executed by Arabic professional translators, linguists, reviewers, and project managers to ensure the best quality ever.

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